Omens are warnings from StarClan that foretell the future of a Clan or Clans, and are usually given to the Medicine cat or Leader. This page is for list of Omens that have befallen the Island Clans.

  • "A Storm is Coming, and all of the Clans will be caught up in it's fury." This is the original Storm phrophecy, given to each of the medicine cats of the clans before the rest was revealed and changed slightly.
  • "Follow whats right, and whats right is what will happen, a Storm may be powerful. But darkness can kill anything." This was given to Stormpaw of DarkClan by Sparrowwing.
  • "Even the most powerful wave cannot destroy the comet of the clans, and even if the clans still thrive in the end, the comet`s greatest enemy will strike once again. And death will strike eachother until no hope is left forever." This was given to a cat in each clan, Rainstar in SandClan, Hunterstripe in FlameClan, Pinepaw in ForestClan, Acornfur in DarkClan, and Mockingjay in StormClan.
  • "From the stormy holly the moon and sun will rise. Together the flame will burn brightly, but apart the relief will never come." This was given to Featherstone and Rainstar of Darkclan that fortold of Hollysong's two kits who would save their clan.
  • "The fifth named for the fourth has strong roots, but an even stronger tigerish personality. The son of the comet will begin the wave." Given to newly-named Halkstone, warning him of Marskit's future, and the hellish ending it will cause to start his mother's prophecy
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