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This is a Wikia about our clans on Howrse. The Clans need this site to keep the cats in better shape, and use less room in Gumibears forum. lol. Anyone in the Rps may post or update, as they know more about their cats than I or my mods do. The Admins of this site (not including myself) are Stormsong*, Tori Brown, vswift18, and BoltRocks999 when they join. It would als be awesome to introduce yourself in the forum Watercooler topic when you arrive!


The Howrse Clans live in an island near to the mainland. The four clans are decended in one way or another to Erin Hunter's Warrior Cat clans, ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan, but also all have diferences from those clans. The clans of the moment are:

DarkClan -Vampiresswolf-Rainforest

SandClan -BoltRocks999-Beach

ForestClan -vswift18-forest

StormClan -Stormsong-mountainous moved to forest when FlameClan left

StarClan -Tori Brown-the ancestors

Gumibear's forum contains all of the inter-clan relationships, including the Gathering at FourRocks and the MoonFalls , where the cats go to talk to StarClan. The Dark Forest and StarClan cats also have signups here, though so far the Dark Forest does not have a forum to play in.

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Go here to post or see pictures in the Significant Moments gallery, where illustrations of times in the clans have been created to be shared with the world.

Go here to reach the Story Collection, where links to stories about the clans' history can be reached.


Omens that have befallen the Clans, individually or as a whole.

Clans' GuidesEdit

This is where you will find in-depth information on each of the clans like in the original field guide sub-series [CURRENTLY IN PRODUCTION]






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