Adding a Cat or Other CharacterEdit

  • Hit the 'Contribute' bubble on the top left [it is white] and then 'add a page'
  • Title it the Cat's current name.
  • When you are finished, go to that cat's Clan [DarkClan, SandClan, ForestClan, StormClan, StarClan or Dark Forest] and linking the Cat's page to their name in the Clan's page. [the symbol that looks like a chain link beside the italize]
  • Include all of the requirements for the cat. Refresh on these here .

Editing a Cat's PageEdit

Click on the Edit button by the section needing updating and update it.

Editing a cats' name: when a cat's name changes, change their name in each of the places linking to the page, to change the page's name, beside the name/title of the page, there is a big purple button that says 'edit'. scroll over the arrow beside it, and it will have options, one of these is "Rename" click and change the name.

Editing a Clan's Main Page or a Location's PageEdit

Simply hit the Edit bubble at the top of the page. Make sure if you add something to the page that can be linked, you link it...


Click on the photo to make it larger for instruction.

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